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Tommy Williams


Tommy Williams
Director of Coaching
2003 / 2004 Rapids


Head Coach 2003 & 2004 Rapids


I grew up playing in the area and am very proud to say I was part of the first club soccer team Smyrna ever produced.  I attended Smyrna High School and played Division I Soccer in the Missouri Valley Conference at Western Kentucky University.  When my playing days were done, I moved to New York City to attend St. John’s University School of Law.  After several years away, I moved back to Tennessee and was lucky enough to land my dream job - coaching my nephew’s U-5 recreational team.  Some time around my first practice, a former coach and old friend Nigel Clements, approached me about coaching a second recreational team.  As soon as I agreed, he set the hook; and a season later, I was coaching club soccer. 


To give every young soccer player I come across the opportunities and insights others afforded me along my soccer journey; and to open doors for my players I never knew existed when I was playing.




“If you train badly, you play badly.  If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way. “ - Pep Guardioloa


I believe soccer is a family affair and I believe our club is a really big extension of that family.  What does that have to do with my coaching style or coaching philosophy? 

Everything.  I am committed to this club, my team(s), and our young people; and I expect those that play for me to have a similar commitment. 

On the soccer side of things… I believe in positive attacking soccer.  You’re never going to see one of my teams “park the bus” and play not to lose.  We play to win.  We’re not always going to win; but it won’t be because we were scared of going for it. 

I believe in a multi-year approach to player development.  My aim is to let players express themselves on the ball and make things happen.  Nothing frustrates me more than watching a club team of ten-year-old’s play a regimented style of soccer just to win a game.  Messi and Ronaldo weren’t built in a factory.  They were allowed to express themselves and play.  My goal is to give kids the tools they need as they grow with the game so that when they reach the 11v11 level, they understand the nuances of the game that can’t be learned by playing a set position at age 10.  I want players that know how to play the game; not players that know how to follow my instructions from the sideline.  

From the time I was a young child, nothing made me happier than when I was the first one at the soccer park in the morning before a game or practice.  The only thing comparable was when I was the last one there when they turned out the lights.  Every time I get to share one of those moments with my players, I can’t help but remind them that they are out there training to improve when everyone else is at home doing something else.  I’m really not sure our parents always love that about me.  But if that message resonates with even one of my players, it’ll be worth it…





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