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Stones River Futbol Club is uniquely positioned to offer the best of all worlds for those in search of a soccer club to call home for their families.  We have an amazing facility, diverse coaching staff, and proximity to anyone in Rutherford County and the Greater Nashville area.  We have teams that compete at the Division 1, 2, & 3 levels and we have a vibrant recreational system that helps feed our academy program with talent.  But above all else, we believe we have something that makes us truly different than any other club in the area - a genuine sense of community.  



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The primary function, objective, and focus of SRFC is to share the beautiful game of soccer with young people.  We aim to cultivate a positive and attractive brand of soccer that children enjoy playing and parents enjoy watching.  The core values of Sportsmanship, Respect, Family, and Character are the foundation of SRFC.  Our steadfast commitment to the aspirational standards of Responsibility, Accountability, Passion, Inspiration, Diversity, and Success is what makes the RAPIDS program truly second to none.


* Sportsmanship   * Respect  * Family  * Character



We hold our players, parents, and coaches to the highest standard of SPORTSMANSHIP and fair play. Win-lose-or-draw, we expect everyone associated with SRFC to represent our club, our community, and our game with class and dignity.  


We RESPECT our opponents, referees, coaches, fans, parents, and the game with the way we act, the way we speak, and the way we play.     


We hope to create a friendly and welcoming environment that feels more like a SOCCER FAMILY than a stuffy and pretentious traditional soccer club.  While some clubs can feel like little more than an association of teams devoted only to acquiring players, we are truly committed to cultivating meaningful and lasting relationships between and among our teams, our coaches, our parents, and our players.   


We aim to help mold boys and girls into young men and women of CHARACTER in a manner that will serve them long after their playing days are behind them.  Through their journey with SRFC, they will find the fortitude, courage, spirit, and constitution to carry them wherever life may take them.

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* Responsibility * Accountability * Passion  * Inspiration  * Diversity  * Success



SRFC, our coaches, and our parents share a collective RESPONSIBILITY in tending to the health and wellbeing of our players.  Our licensed and trained coaches will make every effort to comply with all US Soccer, TN Soccer, and SRFC guidelines regarding safety and fairplay.  


One of the cornerstones of our SRFC is ACCOUNTABILITY.  Our club and our coaches are here to serve the players and families that make commitments to SRFC.  Our doors are always open to address any and all concerns; but accountability is also a two-way street.  We will hold our players accountable for living up to their commitments and their parents to honoring our code of conduct.


SRFC seeks and cultivates players who have a PASSION for playing and learning the game of soccer at a competitive level.  Lots of young people “like” playing soccer; but liking the game is not the same thing as having the passion required to succeed at the next level.  Club soccer requires a commitment that can become burdensome over time if the flame that fuels that passion isn’t closely tended to by caring parents and coaches.  


SRFC and our coaches are here to serve the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of our young people.  While we are committed to keeping expectations reasonable and grounded, we believe the sky is truly the limit for all our young people.  We believe our club, our coaches, and our soccer community can be a useful source of INSPIRATION for all that our players hope to achieve in the game of soccer and every other walk of life.  In turn, we hope all of our players equally inspire those that will someday follow in their footsteps.


SRFC rivals any club in Middle Tennessee in the area of DIVERSITY and inclusiveness.  We have players from a wide range  of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds; and our coaches come from all parts of the globe and all walks of life.   Regardless of where you come from or how you come to us, if you want your child to learn to play the game of soccer, you are welcome and will find a home at SRFC.


Wins and Losses are often the ultimate measuring stick of a successful club or team.  While winning is certainly important here are SRFC as well, we believe the true measure of SUCCESS is constant and recognizable improvement from training session to training session; game to game; and season to season.


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